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Top Rock

The Top Rock is a combination of steps done while standing up. This is the entry dance that Bboys and Bgirls use to start their set. These steps are done before you do a power set or before you go down to the floor. This is the breaker's chance to show how well he or she can rock the beat and/or make gestures to intimidate their opponent. The object is to make a connection with the song either by gesturing on a horn or rhythm section while your feet usually step on the "snare" of the drum/beat section. (Note: Uprock was a jazz/rock dance which influenced top rock, uprock is not toprock)

  • Basic Top Rock
  • Indian Step
  • Uprock
  • Side Step
  • Boyoing
    • Bronx Rock
    • Brooklyn Rock
  • Power Step/Power Circle
  • Power Step Hop
  • Boyoing
  • Latin Rock
  • Charlie Hop- An Indian Step, by putting pressure on your feet and hopping when coming back



  • Coin Drop - drops down on one arm and goes into a windmill. There are suicide variations of the coin drop where the breaker does a coindrop, but once on the back pops up in the air and rotates 360 degrees landing on the back in a star shape. There is also a 720 twist version often used by member of KnuckleHead Zoo, Abenamar Honrubia. He is also seen using it in week 9 of the Americas Best Dance Crew: The championship.
  • Knee Drop(aka Colt-45) - a downrock where one puts one foot behind the kneepit of the other and drops to the floor and lands on that foot in order to create an illusion of landing on one's knee
  • Other Knee Drop- a downwork where one puts one foot behind the kneepit of the other, puts the other foot sideways and lands, making both knees almost touch the ground, but not quite. Also used by cwalkers.
  • Sweep Drop -one leg sweeps in front of the other, giving the impression of tripping yourself
  • Thread Drop -a leg thread is done, but as soon as strong foot hits ground, it is bent.
  • Corkscrew -a drop with one foot behind the other knee.


  • 6-step: The foundational footwork sequence. Although many variations exist that either add or subtract steps in the sequence, the 6-step is the most basic form of downrock.
  • Coffee Grinder/Helicopter: One leg rotates in circles below the body and just above the floor. The leg remains straight throughout. From the third step of the 6-step, as the right leg swings around wide for step 4, the breaker leans over onto the right hand, hops slightly with the left foot, and swings the right leg under the left leg. From there, the weight returns to the left leg as the right leg continues swinging around.
  • 2 step
  • 3 step
  • 4 step
  • 5 step
  • 6 step
  • 7 step
  • 8 step
  • 10 step
  • 12 step/ baby love
  • Cicis/CC's (abbriviation of 'Captain Commando's)
  • Bicycle pumps
  • Zulu Spins
  • Spindle
  • Back CC's
  • Kick outs
  • Shuffles
  • Scramble Example a.k.a. Baby Love[1]
  • Russian Step
  • Pretzels
  • Swapping

 Floor Rocks

Floor Rocks are "rocking" or style moves performed while much of your body (hips and/or shoulders) are touching the floor. Although some moves may involve flowing or spinning like movements, they are not power moves. Floor Rocks are either used as transition moves (into a power move, freeze, etc.) or in between footwork.

  • Body Rock (aka Back Rock): A move in which you lay flat on your back and only torque you hip and legs, alternating left and right. This move is similar to the CC' in footwork, only being done with your shoulders and upper-back touching the ground. For example, your right foot will "tap" or "kick" over to your left while your left knee remains bent, then your left foot will "tap" or "kick" over to your right while your right knee remains bent.
  • Scissors: A move started while lying straight on your side, then bending your body in to touch your toes (simulating a scissor motion). Once you unbend and become straight again, you turn to your opposite side and repeat.
  • Belly Swim: While laying on your back, you splay out your arms to turn onto your belly then sweep your arms out in front of you to return to your back all while using a continuous "swimming" motion.
  • Body Glide: This move is similar to the belly swim but looks like the "superman" in power-moves because your legs and arms remain splayed as you turn over. Unlike only using your arms to "swim" you over (as done in a Belly Swim), a body glide requires you to swing your legs to "glide" your momentum for turning.
  • Side Slide: Performed on your side like a scissor, you kick a leg forward or backward spinning you on your hip axis. This move is like a side spin in power but more stylish with shorter rotation. Sometimes the forehead or hip is touched or, the arms are folded while rotating. Also, the dancer may scrunch in and freeze at the end.
  • Coffee Grinder/Helicopter/UFO: Go down on one bent leg standing on your toes with your hands on either side of your bent knee. Other leg is lying flat out on the floor beside you. Swing the leg that's on the ground. To avoid being hit by your swing leg; you pick up your hand and put back on the floor, and use it to pick therest of your body up and over your swing leg. Drop your body and repeat.
  • Figure 4: 1 leg cross to another to form a "4" shape.


Basic Terminology

  • Platform: The part(s) of the body that touch the ground, holding the rest of the Body in position. In other words, the supports of your freeze. Examples of platforms are: Hand, Elbow, Head, shoulder, back, belly, side, sometimes knee (see difference between Freeze and Pose). A freeze could have multiple platforms: The platform of a Tri-pod Headstand would be 2 hands and a head. The platform of a Baby Freeze is also 2 hands and a head, but the body is horizontal rather than vertical as in a Headstand.
  • Stab (breakdance move): The act of stabbing the elbow up into the abs, hip, side, or back. Your hands are on the floor holding your body up horizontally off the ground. Your entire body is balanced on that elbow making your fore-arm the fulcrum and is your primary support. Stabs are not required for all freezes; however, it is basic and a foundational requirement to advance to a greater level of moves and freezes. note: Stabs are required for: hand-glide, going into Windmill from hands, any Turtle variation (Pogos, Jackhammers), and Crab-Walks.
  • Suicide: A group of finishing moves that share some similarities to the freeze but are quite distinct, involve jumping into the air and landing on back,head,shoulder etc. to appear out of control.
  • Bridge: You are laying down on your back, then with your hands (up by your head) and your feet (by your bottom) on the ground, you push your hips up until you are arched like a bridge facing upwards. From a handstand you could fall backways into a bridge.
  • Baby Freeze: A basic freeze in which one hand is stabbed and the head and opposite hand are used for balance in a tripod position. While both legs are held in the air commonly with the opposite leg's knee of the balancing arm is placed on the balancing arm.
  • Airbaby (Underground): A type of freeze with one knee resting on the corresponding elbow and both legs in the air. Note: the knee that is resting on the elbow should be bent.
    • 1-handed Airbaby: An airbaby with only the hand of the arm supporting the knee on the ground.
  • Reverse Airbaby: An Airbaby with all positions inverted.
  • Airchair: A type of freeze in which the breaker stabs their elbow into their back and balances on it while keeping their legs in the air.
  • Elbow Airchair: A type of freeze in which the breaker holds their body up at the waist with either one or two hands and balances on only their elbows while their feet and head is in the air.
  • Side Chair: A freeze in which the breaker stabs one elbow into their side and lifts his legs and head off the ground.
  • Chair Freeze: A type of freeze where the breaker balances with their elbow stabbed into their side and their head on the ground. They will then place one foot on the ground and cross the other leg over it.
  • Elbow Chair: A type of freeze where the breaker balances with their hand holding onto their side while their head and supporting elbow touch the ground. They will then place one foot on the ground and cross the other leg over it.
  • Handglide Freeze aka Table-Top: A type of freeze where the breaker balances on their stabbed arm and uses their free arm for support / A 1 handed Turtle.
  • Hong 10 Freeze/Halo freeze: A freeze popularized by bboy Hong 10. An upside down baby freeze.
  • Planche/Jimmy Fingers: A position from gymnastics which involves both hands being on the ground, straight arms, and the rest of your body is held off the ground completely horizontally.
  • Elbow Freeze: Breaker using one of his or her arm and elbow support the position.
  • Dead Freeze: Any freeze done laying flat on your back or stomach with out your legs or arms holding you up. Usually done after a power move or suicide. Your hands and legs can be in any formation but the typical Dead Freeze has the body flat and straight with the hands across the chest like a corpse in a coffin.
  • Air Anchor: A freeze where the ball of your foot supports the weight of your body. Your hand is latched onto your ankle and elbow is stabbed into your back.(This move is very contortionist like)
  • Elbow Nike: A Nike freeze only instead of being in a handstand, you are supported by your elbow planted on the ground and your other arm supports by helping to balance.


  • G-Kick: A kick with the legs and arm forming a G shape by reaching behind your back and grabbing the leg on the side of your arm on the ground.
  • Headstand: A freeze while
     standing on the head, with or without hands on the floor for support.
  • Head Hollow/Scorpio/Master Sausage A headstand where the body is leaned over in an extreme back arch with the heels almost touching the floor.
  • Hollowback: A freeze that involves leaning backwards from a
     handstand position in an extreme back arch. In a true hollowback, the legs are together. Imagine "The Bridge" Position (see above), however feet don't touch the ground.
    • Scorpion: A variant of Hollowback where one leg reaches back farther than the other resembling the tail of a scorpion.
    • Invert/Ponk: A variant of the hollowback that involves bending the legs forward instead of backwards. An inverted hollowback.
  • K-Kick: A kick with the legs and arm in a K shape. It is like a L-kick with the corresponding arm of the extended leg as the standing arm for the body to lean to that side, with the bent leg pointed up, and the free hand reaches either to its side or reaching downward almost touching the floor. it forms a leaning K.
  • L-kick/Aú Batido: A kick with the legs in an L shape, also seen in Capoeira.
    • Nike: A kick that resembles the Nike sign.
  • Pike: A kick with both legs in the air and the free hand holding on to the feet.
  • Flag: A difficult freeze in which a one-hand handstand is maintained with both legs together leaning to one side...body resembles a flag

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